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about me

Maciej Pedynkowski

traveler, since couple of years fascinated in low-budget traveling,
still looking for new, interesting methods of spending time in travel. Get inspiration of body workshops, exploring new types of it and making his own. Currently also a guide, pilot and organizer of non-commercial
and low-budget holidays-integration events especially in the Balkan Peninsula and Poland. (Europe)
For last five years, still exploring new countries and cultures.
On his events, in spite of repeated effort, you can also relax to the limit
and enjoy the pleasure of spending time in nature, it is the main purpose of his travels and workshops.
Good energy, new sensations, creativity, a different look on the world – are the main motives of his events.


9 thoughts on “about me

  1. I attend one of Maciej events, it was kayak trip.
    I really loved the area, all he organized for us and we slept in best area ever, with such a cool views and vibes.
    It was kind of magic weekend with full of unknown people who for few days became like brothers.
    We enjoyed cool way in rivers and lakes to then enjoy cool bonfire and great chat.

    We all feel so thankful that Maciej organized this kind of trip and also he surprise us with a cool visit to one of the oldest Windmill of the area.

    Cool guy, really helpful (my tent was kind of broke so he help me and I could sleep in his tent), giver and really interesting mate.

    Ahh I’m attending again the next kayak trips and waiting for more adventures.
    Def a person to meet on ur way, or on ur city.

    Big hug broda!


  2. 5-star recommendation from me! :)) I went on a chillout kayak trip organized by Maciek from „Na hamaku” and it was great! Well organized, not expensive and the organizer („kierownik”) is extremely helpful, friendly and patient person gathering around him only the positive people! :))) Keep going like this!

  3. I went to a Kayak trip for 24 people organized by Maciej. It was extremely well-prepared: transportation to the river, all the equipment needed, description and information was thoroughly provided before and during the trip.
    Maciej oversees all the details to let us enjoy the experience to the fullest.
    He is very knowledgeable and know how to take you off the beaten track.
    I will highly recommend it !

  4. About kayaking we didnt come across with any problem including transportation, camping area, equipments etc. Anything you can call techniqal details was not even a topic. We just enjoyed the kayaking and the views on the beautiful route! So it was one of the best trips i had experience. Maciej is really friendly, soo helpful and always smiling. Spreading positive energy all the time 🙂 So im totally recommending his guideness and events. I would definetly go one of his organizations again without doubt.Peace out Maciej!

  5. This chillout kayak trip was amazing experience for me with full of adventure and ofcourse chill hours! It was my first kayaking and it turns out that I suck at kayaking; however Maciej was so kind and relaxed and the organization of the trip was so proper and full off good vibes that my struggle turn out to be an adventure and funny minutes 😀 (dont think that kayaking is hard it just my inability :D)
    Other than that it was suprising that there were no problems at all with equipments and transportation and the camping area was such a beautiful place.
    I am really thankfull for this amazing weekend full of nature and the smiling faces on orange kayaks 🙂
    If u love nature and meeting with great people dont evet think about it, just try one of this trips!!

  6. Hi!
    I was on chill out kayak trip and I have to say, it was really OK. Great choice of way, everythink all right, super company and lot of fun. I can recomend Makarona for 100 %.

  7. I’ve been on few trips, and what can I say.. If you like to smile, freedom, chill, you’re open-minded person, love nature and well organised trips I can totally recomend Na Hamaku.

    If you’ll have any problem during your trip Maciek will help you for sure, he’s kind and generous guy so feel free to ask.

    100% recommendation and see you on next adventure:)

  8. Hej,
    Maciek jest przyjacielski, spokojny i umie zadbać o innych.
    Byłem z Mackiem na kilku wypadach kajakowych „Kayak chill-out”.
    Wszystko było zawsze dobrze zorganizowane, przemyślane, a gdy coś się działo niespodziewanego to zawsze dobrze reagował na sytuacje.
    Wszystkie wypady były zawsze dość minimalistyczne, ale ma to swój urok.
    Jeżeli więc lubisz kontakt z naturą, nie straszna Ci jest noc pod namiotem, ale daleko Ci do survivalu, to śmiało zapisuj się na następny wypad.

  9. I have been in two trips and I enjoyed both a lot! I already signed up for another kayak and trekking trip.
    I love nature and I love the way Maciek choose places and activities that really make you connect with nature perfectly. It’s refreshing and energizing! I recommend it!

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